Winter Adult Bible Fellowships

  These elective classes will run from January - February.



  This winter we have divided the quarter into two halves of 6 weeks each.  Please select the class below that you feel might benefit you the most and sign-up on the appropriate sheet on the bulletin board so that we can plan accordingly.

   Becoming an R12 Christian


  •  This is a video series from Chip Ingram and Living on the Edge.  This class is for those of you who are ready to move beyond simply going through the motions and experience a real relationship with God.     
  • Teacher: Tom Doak / Fellowship Hall


   Overcoming Emotions that Destroy


  •  This class  is also from Chip Ingram and the folks at Living on the Edge.  This video series is a no nonsense, practical series to help people express your   anger appropriately and deal with those who express anger towards you. 
  •   Teacher: Gordon Cooper / Room 408-409 (the Cafeteria)


   Shepherding a Child’s Heart

  •  This is a video driven class series designed to equip parents to shepherd their children’s hearts rather than just trying to control their behavior.  If you      are raising children and have never been through this class than this class is for you.
  •   Teacher: Cary Shaw / Room 203

   Additional Classes

  •  Starting Point—This class will meet in the Library and is for those who are investigating faith, new to faith, or returning to church.  This group has been meeting since the fall and they will continue to meet.  If this description describes you than please jump in.  See Pastor Mike
  •  Discipleship Track— This class will meet in Room 405.  It is open to   deacons and Life Group leaders by invitation only for this first time.   This class began in the Fall and is continuing together through the end of the Spring quarter.  







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