Winter Adult Bible Fellowships

These elective classes will run from January 12-February 23.

This winter we are transitioning into the new Youth and Education Building spaces.  To that end we have divided the quarter into two halves of 6 weeks each.  Please select the class below that you feel might benefit you the most and sign-up on the appropriate sheet on the bulletin board so that we can plan accordingly.


Sacred Parenting

This course is a 6-session course on spiritual formation, expressly designed by your heavenly Father to help  you grow in ways you never imagined! This study will show how everyday realities, from a  toddler's tantrums to a teenager's silence, are used by God to transform us into his image.

Facilitator: Cary Shaw



In ths six-session video based study, Andy Stanley challenges us to stop flirting with disaster and establish some personal guardrails for our lives to keep us from falling into sin.

Facilitator: Jeff Smith


Twisting  the Truth

Our postmodern society is expert at distorting the truth. How can we learn to discern in a culture of deception? Andy Stanley exposes four destructive lies about authority, pain, sex and sin. His straighforward insights will help you exchange the falsehoods of our day for the life-changing truths of Scripture.

Facilitator: Gordon Cooper






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